Friday, 7 March 2014

"They're always wanting to be together now"

You may have thought this blog was all about sweetness and light but every now and then you will find out just how opinionated I am. This is one of those days.

Segregating children in religious schools while they receive their grade school education is an abomination to me. Nothing does more to foster the us and them mindset. In western countries the children will be following the same curriculum and taking the same exams. The only thing different in each will be the faith based instruction. Do we really need to keep our beautiful, smart, honest and kind kids apart for the most important years of learning, discovering and maturing just to ensure our religious philosophy gets taught?

The day I see no government funding going to faith based schools will be a happy day for me. I went to Sunday school to receive my religious education. I know other religions do provide classes out of school, but not all. If it is as important to you as you say then include your children in your ministry.

In my world I would rather see our kids mixing and learning from each other. All religions and practises would be respected in the community schools. In fact I think it would be a good idea to teach all religions in school. We have drivers ed, and life skills and sex ed, why on earth would something as fundamental and impacting as the world's religions not be taught?

Congratulations to teachers Jessie Claudio from Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy and Shoshana Burton at Jewish Day School for bringing their students together in an event for Random Act of Kindness Week.

"We wanted to go out and do something for our community - not the Muslim or the Jewish communities per se," said Az-Zahraa teacher Jessie Claudio. The students worked together for a week planning and making a brown bag lunch for street people in a troubled area of the city.

Both teachers were thrilled at the response from the students, especially the fact that religion - an all too common barrier in life - wasn't a factor for them.
"Every time we get them together we have to pull them apart," said Burton.
"They're always wanting to be together now," said Claudio.

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  1. Religious education that doesn't teach the basics of other religions and imposes their beliefs on core curriculum such as science drives me nuts. My children were allowed to chose their own religious paths and attended local public schools to learn how to deal with all types of people, not just a select demographic. Humans want peace but do little to promote it.

    1. My husband is a scientist. There is no need for science and faith to be on opposite sides. Science reveals the awesome beautiful complexity of it all.

  2. Love this, Susan. Love the idea of teaching all the world's religions in school. Imagine if children could choose their faith after getting an education of all faiths in school. Thank you for posting for peace. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


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