Friday, 14 March 2014

Intentional Acts Of Kindness

99% of us are basically kind but we are often tired and frantically busy. An act of intentional kindness falls to the bottom of our long to do lists without us realising it.

It promotes Acts of Kindness that are deliberate, frequent and a part of our every day lives. One way they do this is by offering cards, like the one below, free of charge to be given out by you as a gentle reminder to be kind. I'm not the kind of person who goes around handing out stuff like this, it feels a "bit holier than though".  I do slip them into library books, and leave them on buses and park benches and seats in the coffee shop.

They will send you cards with eleven suggestions on the back but I prefer to download the image and put my own suggestions on the back. Such as:
  1. Smile More.
  2. Be Kind To Yourself
  3. Encourage someone with a compliment.
  4. Spend Time With Someone Who Loves You
  5. Mail a "real" letter to someone
  6. Mow a neighbour's lawn
Take the idea, make it your own and have fun.


  1. Here's something I do that makes me feel good: There is a huge used book store in our town with a bin outside for Free books. Most of the books in the bin are the rejects the store didn't want to buy in the first place. But I throw all my used books in the bin and don't bother selling them to the store or trading them in for credit. I've thrown some really fabulous books in there as well as interesting magazines I'm done reading. Everything disappears so quickly. I think it a treat to get a great book totally for free. :o)

    1. This is a wonderful thing to do. Our library has a sale of all its discarded books once a year. Any childrens' books left over are given to two organizations in town. The rest shock/horror go to the dump! I must find out why they don't have a free box.

  2. Oh I am so doing this friend! I will be passing this along and I will be practicing this with the beans! Thank you for this awesome goodness! When I was a teacher I had "caught you being good tickets" they were always fun to pass out! Happy week to you lady!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Another wow idea. I bet your students were thrilled to receive one.


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