Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Not Your Regular Hockey Hero

The Olympic hockey games were played with a high level of sportsmanship. Unfortunately it stands out because of  myriad  instances of discreditable behaviour. On a smaller stage last week a twelve year old stood up to his coach and team mates and did the right thing.

After a questionable goal in overtime the losing team were pulled off the ice by their angry coach without the customary handshake with the other team. After they left one boy stood alone. Despite haranguing from his coach he skated to the blue line ready to congratulate the other team. Those boys,  gathered around him protectively and, in the way of twelve year old boys, showed their respect by patting him on the head and shoulders.

Who knows what the fallout will be? He comes from a small town where hockey is king. How will the community react? How will the team react?  One thing is known, the coach will not be there, he has been suspended for thirty days.

The days ahead may to be tough for Matthew Marotta but he has the grit to stand his ground. Good for you kid!


  1. Good for him! It seems quite often that kids have a better sense of what's right than adults. I hope there is no fallout because of his willingness to do the right thing.

  2. I hope an adult will show some leadership.


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