Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Covenant for Honouring Children

We find these joys to be self-evident:

That all children are created whole, endowed with innate intelligence, with dignity and wonder, worthy of respect.

The embodiment of life, liberty and happiness, children are original blessings, here to learn their own song. 

Every girl and boy is entitled to love, to dream, and to belong to a loving "village." And to pursue a life of purpose.

We affirm our duty to nourish and nurture the young, to honour their caring ideals as the heart of being human.

To recognize the early years as the foundation of life, and to cherish the contribution of young children to human evolution.

We commit ourselves to peaceful ways and vow to keep from harm or neglect these, our most vulnerable citizens.

As guardians of their prosperity we honour the bountiful Earth whose diversity sustains us.

Thus we pledge our love for generations to come.

These words were written by Raffi Cavoukian, better known to most of us simply as Raffi. He created the song used in my previous cloud lift post. His Centre for Child Honouring bases its work on the declaration and is guided by the nine principles which support it. Read them here
'The Centre for Child Honouring is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Child Honouring as a universal ethic, an organizing principle for societal transformation. By putting the universal needs of children first, strategies can be developed to meet our most pressing needs – building community, restoring the planet’s health, peace-making, and creating sustainable economies devoted to the wellbeing of children and families.' CFCH

Sign the Plea – add your name to the list of people around the world calling for an end to all forms of violence against children


  1. My kids grew up listening to Raffi songs. Great memories. :o)

  2. Oh this is so beautiful. I agree so much. I have been a victim of violence when I was a child and it is so important to protect children. I cannot stand it when someone hurts a child (I can't stand anyone being hurt) and I am going to go over to the child honoring site to check it out. How beautiful that this has been put together. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings, Bird

    1. I am so sorry you experienced violence. I grew up with well educated parents, enough to eat, warm clothes, no physical violence but continual emotional abuse. I haven't suffered as others have but it has made me extremely sensitive to the vulnerability of children. Part of my response is to try and add good to the world whenever I can.

  3. Very truly said. I feel sad and then mad and disgust on reading child abuse stories and especially those where parents have left kids in 100 degree cars and went for shopping, clubbing, and have fun; or those who sell their children or kill the children because they have found a new lover -- how worthless! why on earth did they then have children on the first place

    1. It is a mess. It is not easy for a bystander to intervene, we could get hurt or sued or locked up. If we are brave enough we must stand by our beliefs and step up and speak out.


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