Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Seven Virtues Fragrance Collection

Can  perfume be a tool for peace in war torn and strife ridden countries? 
Introducing Noble Rose of Afghanistan

afghanistan orange blossom         

Barb Stegemann was inspired by her best friend who was catastrophically wounded in Afghanistan. She wanted to support his mission of empowering the people of Afghanistan in her own small way. She read about Abdullah Arsala, owner of a distillery in Jalalabad, Afghanistan who was trying to support his tribe by courageously growing legal crops of orange blossom and rose instead of the poppy crop that accounts for 90% of the world’s heroin supply.

"It is my vision to one day produce half of the rose oil supply for all the world. 
This will help farmers in Afghanistan buy shoes and books for their children in a safe environment,
growing a legal crop that does not compromise our lives or dignity". 
Abdullah Arsala, Owner of Gulestan Essential Oils, Afghanistan

Barb purchased one cup of orange blossom oil, all she could afford, and created Afghanistan Orange Blossom perfume.

" It’s in our best interests not to be overwhelmed, but to just begin..." 
                                                                          Barb Stegemann

Two years later, with superb marketing skills and investment from people who believe in her goal, the company has purchased $100,000 of essential oil from Afghanistan and set up similar arrangements in Haiti and the Middle East. In addition to Orange Blossom, the line now comprises of  Middle East Peace, Noble Rose of Afghanistan, and Vetiver of Haiti

Visit The Seven Virtues website to read more on their goal 

“to encourage others to do trade with business people in Afghanistan and other nations experiencing strife as a part of the solution to building peace.”

Read about Barb's best friend, Captain Trevor Greene, here.
FYI The 7 Virtues are: Wonder, Moderation, Truth, Courage, Justice, Wisdom and Beauty

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