Saturday, 4 January 2014

Box of Sunshine
Do you have family and friends who are incredibly special to you? How about making up a little box of sunshine for them? My best friend is so easy to buy for, all I need to get is some quilting magazines and her face lights up. If I was going all out I would put in some hand cream for those pricked and sore quilting fingers and a soothing CD to quilt by. What kind of box would you make and for whom?


  1. A neighbor stopped by a few days ago - I was suffering from the Flu from Hell - and handed in a pretty striped bag containing, four kiwis, a bag of cough drops, some homeopathic flu meds, a little bag of nuts and chocolate, tea bags, hot cocoa mix, and some homemade, gluten free cookies! She whipped this up in less than 15 minutes! This is the type of thing I would love to do for someone. It was very welcomed and comforting.

    1. Sunshine boxes and bags (I like the idea of a bag) are just as meaningful to make as receive. It really makes you think about the person and dwell on what you value in the relationship. Warm amd fuzzies all round.

  2. Great idea... so this is going to be my project for this week... making up a little box of sunshine.... Going to do something cute, and then give it to a surprise person. I have many patients that I see as a nurse practitioner that do not have ANY sunshine in their lives... so think I will just make the box, and then surprise myself too, and give it to the person that "feels right". what fun. also love your little button..... join the company. Is that something that has a URL that I can capture and put on my sidebar?? A great idea, and it will advertise you too.


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